art 100b museum paper

compare and contrast between these two art works!!

1. The museum paper should be 2-3 pages, 12pt, Times New Roman font, double- spaced.

2. Papers should be submitted on Canvas under Assignments (Turnitin will check for

plagiarism).**Late papers will receive a reduction of 10 points per week.

3. You

must also include provide PROOF

you went to the museum, i.e. selfie of yourself in

front of chosen object, your museum entrance ticket or parking receipt with your name on it and

a transcription of the museum label and wall text. Failure to provide proof will result in a zero

grade for the paper and an overall grade no higher than a D for the class!

B. Paper Prompt:

1. In your paper, you should:

a. describe your piece (i.e. it is so big, this is what’s going on)

b. visually analyze it (i.e. the figure in the center is the largest, classical references in the

architecture, a use of tenebrism, etc.)

c. and connect it to broader themes and/or other artworks from class. Your connections to

themes/ideas from class should relate to your overall thesis.

2. Your paper should be organized around a specific


and have an introduction and

conclusion. Your thesis can be fairly general. For example: “This piece is a typical Mannerist

work. This can be seen by examining…”

3. The purpose of this assignment is for you to engage with and closely analyze an original

artwork that has not been discussed in class. It is your insights that I am interested in,



. The museum labels and information from lecture and your textbook

should provide you with all the information you need to write this paper. You

must properly


any information you obtain from the museum labels or museum website with a proper


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