answer these questions 58


What are your thoughts about Life of a T-Shirt?

Two Pro’s and con’s of outsourcing?

Two Pro’s and con’s of GMO cotton?


Once you post your response, please respond to one other student’s comment.

To earn full credit, you must:

  1. Answer the question with more than 200 words. While I appreciate brevity, a skimpy answer of fewer than 200 words is not acceptable.
  2. Show that you are connecting the readings (or other sources you know of) to the question so that your response is more than opinion or experience
  3. Relate the question/topic to your personal experiences, or ideas, demonstrating critical thinking and reflection
  4. Participate in the learning community by responding to the postings of at least two peers (not just within your own thread)
  5. Be active (participate) in the Discussion forum two or more days a week. Don’t do all of your posting on one day!
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