analyze 2 articles from any lawsuit in the usa 1

You just have to choose 2 articles from any newspaper from the USA such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc. In the articles there has to be a lawsuit in which the court has not chosen a conclusion. The lawsuit has to be about the topics that i mention below. After reading these 2 articles you will have to make like starting a debate for each one. For example for the first one you can say:

Hi everyone,
I came across this interesting article written by … ( analyze what happen in the article, state your opinion and invite the other students to opine what they think about it, you can ask questions to know what is their position)

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For the second article do the same

This is an example:

Hi everyone,
I came across this interesting article written by Georgia Wells on May 25, 2018. The article explains that a group of former employee at Intel Corp. had filed a lawsuit against the company because they were fired and suspected that the company’s decision was based on their age. A spokesperson at Intel had rejected those allegations by confirming that neither age nor other discriminant factors were used during the process. According to Wall Street Journal, the EEOC has not yet reviewed the complaint made by those former employee which can determine whether to file a class action against Intel.
We could argue that the fact that these former employees belongs to a protected class their complaints should have been reviewed by the agency and determine if there are enough evidence to file a class-action suit. We are aware that employee that are older cost more to an employer because the employer invests more in benefits and compensation. Also, the tech companies prefer younger worker when they are reorganizing the company which reminds us the case of EEOC vs Ligget & Myers, inc (M.D.N.C FY 1983).
Could we agree that the EEOC should allow a class action against Intel; if yes, why? Is filing this suit could hurt those employee future career? Or does this case has enough evidence to sue Intel? Why do you stand for what you stand for?

– The articles can not be older than 6 months from now.

– The articles have to be related to any of these topics:

  • Jurisdiction issues and Federal and State court systems
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Techniques
  • Constitutional Law
  • Torts
  • Criminal Law
  • Common Law of Contracts
  • Intellectual Property and Real Property
  • Business Organizations
  • Securities Regulation
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Business Ethics

The articled that you can not choose are these (because they already being chosen ):

– uber’s New rules on arbitration for sex-related claims face first test.

– Winsconsin Supreme Court to hear Marquette Professor’s Free-Speech Case

– Intel Faces Age-Discrimination Claims

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