addressing baker and barton

INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS Many individuals have played a crucial role in advancing the fields of public health and health education. These historical figures were extraordinary agents of social change. They were pioneers of public health and health education in multiple ways, including disease prevention, eradication, and control, health education and promotion, developing our understanding of the importance of sanitation and hygiene, vaccines, and multiple aspects of health and public health systems. For this assignment, you will prepare a paper about two historical figures, (SARA JOSEPHINE BAKER and CLARA BARTON). Review the learning resources provided in this module and think about the challenges that each historical figure experienced and the contributions each person made to social change. It is recommended that you start with the resources that are provided, as there are many available on these figures, some of which may not be of suitable quality for scholarship. However, you will likely need to find additional scholarly resources in order to complete this assignment. Consider the quality of the resource before using and be sure to cite all sources used in your paper. Visit the Walden Writing Center and review your essential guide to APA style for writing assistance. For information on writing at the graduate level, please visit… To Complete: Submit a 3-5 page paper addressing Baker and Barton.

The 3-5 pages does not include the title page or the references. No abstracts are necessary in this course.

Follow the instructions you received with the topic. Be sure that your assignment has each of the following components. • Include a APA formatted title page • Include section headers (APA style headings) for each section • Cite the sources you used within your text, wherever you referred to or used them • Include an APA formatted reference list at the end of your paper. Your paper must include the following: ❖ A title page, in APA format. ❖ Section headers, in APA format, for each section below Assignment ❖ Describe the innovative, health-related activities that the two historical figures were involved with during their lifetime. ❖ Compare and contrast the challenges the historical figures experienced in conducting his or her activities and the strategies each person used to overcome them. ❖ Discuss and compare the impact the historical figures had on modern public health systems. ❖ Analyze the importance of and implications of the activities for positive social change. ❖ Provide a brief reflection on how one or more historical achievements of these figures may relate to you personally. ❖ Cite the sources you used within your text, wherever you referred to or used them. Be sure to follow APA format.

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