a specific type of incident disaster Lab Assignment help

Exercise 3-1

This chapter’s opening scenario illustrates a specific type of incident/disaster. Using a Web browser, search for information related to preparing an organization against terrorist attacks. Look up information on (a) anthrax or another biological attack (like smallpox), (b) sarin or another toxic gas, (c) low-level radiological contamination attacks.

Exercise 3-2

Using a Web browser, search for available commercial applications that use various forms of RAID technologies, such as RAID 0 through RAID 5. What is the most common implementation? What is the most expensive?

Exercise 3-3

Not too long ago, tape backup was the industry standard. Is it still? Using a Web browser or your local library’s electronic-journal search tool, review the popular trade press journals to determine whether tape, disk, or drive backups are more prevalent now and which is predicted to be the new standard in the near future.

Exercise 3-4

Using a Web browser, search for vendors that provide alternate site strategies, such as hot sites, warm sites, and cold sites. How prevalent are they? What about mobile sites?

Exercise 3-5

This chapter provides one example of a service agreement. Using a Web browser, search for other examples. How do they differ? What areas are common to all?

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