a one page essay about creating a special food

Imagine that you should open a small restaurant in California, and you have to attract visitors to it. Your goal is to attract visitors with a local, fresh, unique food cooked in a special way.

You can borrow an idea from this very interesting article (The reinvention of terroir (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.…), which suggests that in order to attract “rural tourism”, the idea of terroir does not work very well, unlike the idea of the “New Nordic Food (Danish) movement” (in their case). Perhaps you would find it interesting to develop the idea of a “New California Food”, which springs from both the terroir and everyday reality.

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You need to describe the local terroir in such a way that a potential visitor would necessarily want to taste your product, or your dish.

A separate item you could report is the nutritional value of your product. Again, do not forgetting the terroir.

Be sure to use the concepts from the “Memorandum” in your essay.

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