a fiction story of mitosis and meiosis

Extra Credit Assignment!

Biology 130

Spring 2018

Art/ Writing /Acting & Science Project

1) Come up with a creative way to cover / teach/ explain any of the material we

have covered in the class

2) Write up a short summary (2-3 sentences) of what you plan to do with your

project. Include:

a) what topic you want to cover (can be any topic already covered or to be

covered- see syllabus if unsure)

b) how you plan to present it (eg. a story, a picture, a model, a video, …)

3) Get my approval to do the project – after you give me the summary

The project can be:


Making models* of a topic (eg. cells, organelles) – NO Styrofoam Cells Please!


Turning a concept into some form of art (painting, drawing, photography)

(eg. making photosynthesis a graphic story)


Write up a poem or short story or comic book


Create a computer program that lets someone interactively explore a

concept (eg. how cellular respiration works)


Act out a process that occurs


Make video to explain a topic


Some other creative way to explain a concept you found interesting!

You will be graded on:


Completing the project


Quality of the work (eg. the more you put in, the more you get out)


Presenting what you’ve made to class

Focus on your own interests and strengths in picking a topic and how to depict it.

If you like engineering and working with your hands, then build something. If you

like to draw, draw something.

You may work in pairs (2 people max) BUT I expect more work out of 2 people than

I do for one. Otherwise, you will split the points.

Worth up to 15 points!

Due in lecture no later than May 24

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