4 P s of marketing business and finance homework help

  1. What is the marketing concept? What are the 4 P’s of marketing? What role do the 4 P’s play in the marketing concept?
  2. Describe the Production, Sales, Marketing, and Triple Bottom Line orientations. Which is currently in vogue?
  3. The Brand Positioning Statement is developed from 4 sets of questions. What are these questions? Who will you ask?
  4. What are the differences between the high and low involvement buying processes? Give a real world example of a low and a high involvement product or service.
  5. Describe the steps in the strategic marketing planning process. What are the differences between strategy and tactics?
  6. Describe the post purchase evaluation process for a high involvement product. What are the likely marketing outcomes from met expectations? What are the likely marketing outcomes from unmet expectations?
  7. Who is more important: potential new customers or existing customers? Why? Use a real world example in your answer.
  8. How do you build a sustainable creative culture? What are the impediments to a sustainable creative culture? Give a real world example of an organization that has a sustainable creative culture.
  9. What does it mean to “Align internally behind marketing strategy?” What are the advantages of internal alignment? Use the laser and flood light analogy to explain your answer. What are some tips for creating Alignment for a new employee right out of college?
  10. Define attitude. Why are attitudes important to marketers? What are some strategies for changing a negative attitude?
  11. What are the advantages of using digital marketing relative to other marketing tactics? What are common digital marketing myths? Which digital marketing tool has the greatest conversion rate?
  12. What is big data? List 5 common sources of big data. What are the advantages of using big data to a marketer? Give a real world example of someone using Big Data to achieve these advantages.
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