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each of these responses should be at least 150 words.

Unlike the Toulmin and Rogerian methods where one side is argued over another, the Middle Ground argument mediates between two sides of an issue hopefully arriving at a compromise solution between two positions.

In your responses to your classmates on their concluding remarks, feel free to compare your approach to your classmates. You may also help students find additional ways to use argumentation/persuasion in their chosen educational/career field.

Cite work please

Respond to them as if you were talking to them please.

Response 1. Steven

A previous topic I wrote about was smoking, and the effects of second hand smoke to health. My claim was to ban smoking from public places due to the health effects to the unwilling people. A middle ground might be, make it illegal in public areas such as parks or playgrounds and make it legal in a certain amount of buildings or private business’. Make sure the private business has a sign out front saying it’s a smoking area. That way no one in the public will be exposed and if you don’t want to be exposed you do not have to go to the smoking premises. My claim would have had to been slightly adjusted from making it completely illegal to legal in some areas and illegal in others.
I think I would have approached it similarly, in regards to stats of health effects. I could bring in topics such as strip clubs, it is illegal to be nude in public but legal in a private business, and there are signs out front to be sure you know what the institution is. I’m not sure if I would have needed additional sources to adjust my claim to the middle ground. I think I could get away with similar or even the same sources.

Response 2. Nick

“Although some believe humans are not the cause of global warming, scientist have asserted that people are accelerating global warming at a rapid pace due to their use of consumer products, fossil fuel, and industrial emissions.” This was the claim that I used for the essay to layout a detailed plan for what I would talk about through the rest of my essay. I then used the rest of the essay to prove my claim by giving facts, statistics, and quotes from peer-reviewed sources. I used the standard Toulmin format that we learned in the lessons for that week and filled in the information in order of the three causes of global warming that were in my claim.

If I were to write this claim as a Middle Ground argument I would have had to adjust my claim to be unbiased and more neutral. The rest of the paper I would have been more neutral and presented just facts as opposed to arguing for my position. I would have had to find at least two more sources for the counter argument side to balance out the opposing views. I think the Middle Ground solution would not necessarily be more practical based on the lack of true evidence for both sides of the argument. I think that the Toulmin method is the most effective method for this topic.

My take away from this course is the structure of writing an effective arguement. I now have a more organized process for writing an essay in multiple styles. I will use this in my coming courses that require writing in a persuasive form.

Response 3. Cory

For the topic of this forum post I chose to use the topic in my Toulmin Essay which was that Hybrid Cars are a great green alternative to traditional gas powered vehicles when they are maintained regularly and safely by certified professionals and once they have run the course of their life properly disposed of. In that essay I was taking a stronger stance towards advocating for Hybrid vehicles but for a middle ground discussion I would make a point to address pros and cons of both types of vehicles and advise on proper maintenance schedules and upkeep to prolong the life of the vehicles and make minor upgrades to gas vehicles to help their emissions and miles per gallon. I’m sure making this claim would require some more research and sources to cite. I feel this approach would be more practical because some people simply don’t want to own a hybrid car.

Closing remarks for the class and my future with AMU. English courses have always been courses I have done okay in. Not exceptionally well, but not failing outright either. Given my chosen career field could require alot of writing and verbal communication skills I am going to take what I have learned and work to build upon and improve the skills I have learned in this class.

Response 4. Brandon

Middle Ground:

For this I will be selecting my piece I wrote on standardized testing. When I wrote this piece I argued it from a Toulmin Method, basically arguing that standardize testing was an antiquated form of benchmarking progress. In my argument, I presented how much time it takes away from instructors and from students and how ineffective it is in properly measuring them according to skill. In many ways, these test marginalized class bodies, resulting in poorer performance. If I was to re-write this as a middle ground, I would need to find more information on new methods of testing and how effective they are. I would also need to find further information supporting why testing is needed for plan development, although I did cover this briefly in my paper. I believe that in many ways a middle ground approach would benefit my argument, however, I still feel that it wouldn’t be as effective as my previous.

Concluding Remarks:

Reflecting back on the progress I’ve made through this course one thing is apparent to me: properly forming an argument is crucial to remove as much bias as possible. Without credibility, it is simply hot air lacking any real direction. In my career, this is a common issue with leadership. Often we get passionate about an idea and insert ourselves into an issue without clearly researching why something may or may not be the best course of action. This course has taught me to look at the way I structure my arguments and really look at it in terms of effectiveness and communication. Does it really get my claim across? Is my claim valid? Have I inadvertently alienated someone who could be my biggest proverbial cheerleader?

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