4 2 exercise brochure

Exercise Brochure

For this assignment you will be creating an informative brochure about one specific exercise. This brochure should entice others to try the exercise as well as provide them with information about specific rules and techniques.

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You are encouraged to choose an exercise that you are unfamiliar with. You will need to do some research to find information in creating your brochure. Your brochure can be created in a word-processing or desktop publishing document. Be creative and be sure to include the following information in your brochure.

1. Give a basic description of the exercise you have chosen.

2. Give some background information on the exercise you have chosen (i.e. where was it invented, by whom, how long has it been around, etc).

3. Does your exercise require equipment? What is the equipment and what are the costs?

4. List at least 3 tips or techniques for performing the exercise.

5. List 3 rules or safety guidelines for the exercise.

6. Provide a web site address that someone can go to in order to learn more information about the exercise.

7. Provide picture(s) if possible.

8. Give any additional information about the exercise that you think is pertinent.

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