3 questions 750 1000 words each bluebook format topic real estate law

Answer three questions in bluebook format with footnotes. Each answer should be 750-1000 words. Topic is real estate law.

Question 1: list and define ten (10) conditions and/or terms found in a Mortgage Loan Commitment.

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Question 2: What are the five (5) main legal documents required for the sale and transfer of commercial real property? Define and explain them each in detail.

Question 3: Explain in detail the concept of foreclosure, the two types of foreclosure and the types of remedies other than foreclosure a lender may exercise in the event of a default under a mortgage.

This is the coursebook for reference:

Book Title: Practical Real Estate Law, 3rd ed. – e-book available in the APUS Online Library; link also provided in the classroom Lessons section; hard copy not available from the bookstore, please try other sources.

Author: Hinkel

Publication Info: Delmar

ISBN: 9780766816831

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