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Assignment 1- Research an article relating to robotics, artificial intelligence, or smart computers in any field ( Fields such as military, medical, science, etc..) Write a 2 page papers providing the benefits and/or consequences of using the technology in that field . make a small power point presentation showing the major consequences of using this technology. Add a very small discussion ( last PPT) on the ethical issues that could be involved in the implementation of this technology in this country.

*** you can use internet source. just make sure you are using proper APA citation and in text citation for that 2 pages paper. There are so many things on internet but i do not know how to use APA thats why um giving this assignment to you

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Assignment 2- Students will be presented with several risks of various impacts. Each student will have to develop a risk response plan for each risk. ( 3 to 5 pages). APA format reference . ( No spinning software pls)

Students should be sure to:

Identify if the risk will be avoided and the plan for avoidance.

Identify if the risk will be mitigated and the plan on how it will be mitigated.

Identify if the risk will be accepted and the reason why the risk will be accepted.

Identify if the risk will be transferred and how that risk will be transferred.

Identify any residual risks once the plan is implemented.

Include any impacts to the organization (budget, cultural, etc).

I decided to change the assignment into a single scenario with two separate risks that need to be addressed. Please see attached for the scenario. I selected a pretty common scenario you might see in security. I’ve given you the SLE, ARO, etc…to help make a decision. Feel free to make additional assumptions if needed, and explain those assumptions in your response.

I have attached the scenario.

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