3 part assignment 3


Some people call it a follow-up letter. Some say you can e-mail it, while others feel this is very poor manners. Many will tell you to send a handwritten note of appreciation. Think about the field of study. If you interviewed for an IT job, then a thank-you note in an email would be appropriate. An email would also be acceptable if the interviewer works on a computer all day. You will have to decide which method is appropriate in each situation. Regardless, managers expect a thank-you letter from interview candidates.

Do not overlook something so simple, yet so powerful that it can ruin your chances for the job! Get it in the mail so that it arrives no later than two business days after your interview or send via email no more than 24 hours after the interview.

Click here to review a sample thank you letter. Create an original thank-you letter (do not copy the example). To do this, select one of your three career jobs and write the letter as if you are sending it to that organization. Remember to reiterate your skill set and how it can help the organization. You may also include something that was said in the interview to show your enthusiasm for the position.

Use the following parameters:

Business letter format with return address, proper company address, salutation, and closing.

Four short paragraphs (2-3 sentences each).

Reiterate why you should be chosen for this job. Tell the reader why you are qualified and what makes you special based on your interview discussion.

State your continued interest in the position.

Restate what you were told about the date a decision would be made and who would do what. If appropriate, you can also state when you will contact this person to see when a decision will be made.

Do not use a form thank-you letter. Each thank-you letter you send should be customized to the person receiving it and include important points from the interview.

The follow up letter is the final document that you will include in your career portfolio for your final project. Don’t forget to save the document in a location you can access when preparing your final project.


When you are ready, respond to the Discussion below. Remember, your posts should be in the 100-word range. Respond to your classmates with meaningful comments in accordance with your Syllabus.

Discussion Question

As you probably know by now, career planning is a life-long process. Just because you have landed your dream job or were accepted into your next educational program does not mean that you are done planning. Thinking about your future career plans and setting short and long term goals to achieve them, forces you to continually reexamine your career path and what you need to do to keep your skill set current and up to date!

Discuss one career related short term and one career related long term goal that you have. Discuss why these are important to you and how you plan to achieve them.


Your PART 3 response should be a minimum of 400 words.

Long-term goals are three to seven years into the future. Given the importance of continuous development and life-long learning, what long-term goals do you have? List at least two of your long-term goals and explain how you can make sure you accomplish them and keep on track.

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