2 pages paper 13

You are writing a 2-page paper on GitHub. Use MLA format, cite your sources on a separate page.

Suggestions for content include: defining/explaining it, giving some history, how it is used in the IS field, how do systems analysts or developers use it, discuss how you might see yourself using it either for your courses or at work, etc.

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Formula for successful submissions:

  1. Clear and accurate content; insightful, specific.
  2. Content shows higher level analysis and synthesis of concepts and uses course vocabulary.
  3. If material/sources other than the text is used, student provided adequate and appropriate citations throughout assignment.
  4. Works cited are formatted in the correct MLA style.
  5. Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; well organized; one idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions; format easy to navigate.
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