2 pages about healthcare

Read the document: Health/Market Justice/Social Justice

Is Health Care a citizen’s right or a commodity to be bought?

Should everyone in the USA have access to healthcare, or is this something that the people should budget for, just as we budget for house payments and car payments. We have studied government policy and the US Health Care System and now in your own words:

Is it the governments’ job to assure healthcare for everyone?

How much should government interfere with health?

Websites with opposing viewpoints:

Proposal for Single Payer Health Insurance 2003. www.pnhp.org/ This site believes healthcare is a right and the US should have a single payer insurance plan.

Rethinking Healthcare, Milton Friedman: www.heartland.org. This site believes the government should stay out of healthcare as much as possible and let the capitalist free market work without interference from the government.

Read the document on Moodle: Health/Market Justice/Social Justice

In this last writing assignment, we all had to think about and then try to explain the 2 common points of view in this country; capitalist/market justice and socialist/social justice; and how this relates to our healthcare system.




Introduction/ Opening Statement

Define or Describe the topic:

Market JusticeSocial Justice


Private EnterpriseGovernment/ Public


Explain the 2 different approaches to Healthcare

Clearly explained, understandable

Define the pros and cons of the 2 different viewpoints

Any relevant facts or examples to illustrate the topic




Show how this relates to the healthcare system


professional response


Well written, well organized

Properly cited – in text and works cited section




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