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FORMAT: in MLA format.

SIZE: 2.5 pages


Think of something you are interested in, that involves business in some way. (It could be high tech, cosmetics, food, a sport, a performing art, special effects in movies, etc.) It could be a for-profit business or a non-profit organization (such as Sierra Club or a church organization). Pick a firm (organization) involved with that (such as: apple, Walmart, or it can be a smaller local business or church, zoo, etc). So here, I mean “business” in the broadest sense: as some form of organization that uses money and credit, hires people, provides some product or service or entertainment, etc.

About your chosen organization/business firm, find at least 2 articles (online or printed, in magazines, etc.) FROM THE LAST 2 MONTHS that show some important news in that business/activity, with effects on that business/organization. Then, in your own words (as much as you can), answer these (numbered in your paper, like this):

  • 1) What, in a short summary, mostly in your own words, do these articles tell us about the current state of that business/activity? In other words, what big changes are happening, or coming?
  • 2) Who are major players in this business? (Meaning, the powerful individuals, and the other firms in that line of business, competitors, big investors, etc.?) In other words, what persons or groups have a big impact on how things go?
  • 3) What kinds of organizations are these firms/organizations commonly in? For example, are they corporations? Large ones? Small ones?
  • 4) What are some main laws/regulations they operate under? Is this changing are they facing new regulations, or maybe less regulation under the current US government?
  • 5) What are major challenges faced in doing this business, for example, are they growing and hiring more people now? Must they spend more soon on tech? Are there new technologies affecting their business, such as new ways to shop and choose their products? Is this organization moving well with the times?
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