2 05 make notes on landmark case

Lesson Summary

Attached are my two prior assignments so you know what I chose, etc.

In this lesson, you reviewed the selection process and examination of resources. Now, you will put these skills to use in order to support your informative/explanatory paper.

You will evaluate the landmark case you chose in connection with your topic. As you evaluate, you will make notes using the Landmark Case Evaluation notes. If it wont open I copied it below.

Your Response Log and Response Questions will be graded according to the rubric. Use this rubric as a self-check before you submit your work.

Landmark Case Evaluation

Fill in the notes for the landmark case you selected to connect with your topic in the previous lessons. You may use the official court documents for the case and articles written about the case to fill in the required information below.

Important note: Be sure to paraphrase your research by writing your responses in your own words.

Basic Information

Title of landmark case(including case number):



Date case argued and decided:

Judgment Affirmed or Reversed:

Case Evaluation

Write three to five complete sentences to respond to each of the following items.

Issue/charges being discussed:

Evidence presented during the arguments:

Conclusions of the judge/judges:

Connection with amendment/personal freedom topic for your informative/explanatory article:


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