10 page paper film history research oriented

Sources (in addition to attachment below): https://drive.google.com/file/d/10_aRMK74sDGZmypYm…

RTVF 158: European Directors

Final Essay Prompt

Submit on Blackboard 5/15 5pm

In a 7-10 page research paper address one of directors examined in class, alone or in relation to other directors working at the same time (for example, Margarete von Trotta’s later work or other directors like Helke Sander, who were part of the New German Cinema “movement”. Discuss their role as a European director. How might you situate their work to evolving notions of European identity specific to their own work or their own country? Or, on the other hand, do they slip of such categories, and if so, why (Claire Denis, for example, whose awareness of French colonialism and neo-colonialism influenced her idea of France profoundly.) Utilize the readings assigned on BB as well as those handed out in class as your base, and then conduct original research. Remember, NO websites other than, for example, that of a national film museum or archive: you should get essays from recognized scholarly sources (using the JSTOR and PROJECT MUSE databases) and/or books. Wikipedia is of course encouraged as a starting point for further sources and basic information, but should only be used as a primary source twice, at most. (And in any case your essay should not engage in a Wikipedia-like summary of life and career, etc., but analysis of director, film(s), and Europe.

You should provide at least 12 citations. You are expected to have read and show familiarity with any handouts or additional readings on European identity and film production, as you deem relevant—just be sure to once again address the “European” in European directors at some point in your discussion and analysis, as with your previous essays. Your sources may include European identity to some degree, but be careful not to be overwhelmed by this. You already have a lot to work with.

If you have any questions, let me know! And have fun.


25% Adhere to assignment guidelines;

30% Display knowledge of course materials;

15% Grammar and style/formatting;

30% Quality of citations and argumentation


List of films watched in class

1. Elle

2. Mama roma

3. Orlando

4. Elevator to the Gallows

5. Bergman film Autumn Sonata

6. Ali Fear Eats the Sou

7. The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

8. Life is Beautiful

9. I am love

10. Cache

11. Jacob the Liar

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